International Creative DNA

International Creative DNA
International Creative DNA

At BU International, you will experience the true essence of global education.  Its creative and vibrant atmosphere is catalyzed by students from diverse backgrounds,nationalities and nurtured by talented and resourceful faculty members. If you are ambitious and want to be part of a truly international academic institution, why don't you join us?

Thinking Creatively: the First Step to Success

Once you become a part of Bangkok University International College , there will be differences waiting to be discovered and new things for you to get your hands on in our Bachelor’s degrees.We aim to encourage our students to learn and think creatively. Most importantly, BU International’s well-roundedness will help enhance your inspiration and spark fresh and new ideas at any time. We believe that creativity is the source of every success in life.

Bangkok University, one of the oldest and largest private institutions of higher learning in Thailand, offers international programs taught by highly-qualified faculty. Academic affiliations and exchange programs have been established with leading universities worldwide. Credits from overseas colleges and universities are transferable based on rules and regulations of the university.

Why go abroad when you can improve your English at BU International

Bangkok University International College was established initially as an international program to prepare students for success in this highly demanding and competitive world. Students are able to choose their own fields of study which is not only will the students acquire knowledge in the fields of their choice, but they will also increase their knowledge and skills in the usage of English. Our distinguished professors include Thai and foreign nationalities.

Bangkok University International College aims at preparing the students to be efficient in various professions and also equipping those who wish to continue their studies with proficiency in English.

Bangkok University is affiliated with several highly reputed American universities which have given their full support in terms of exchanging ideas regarding educational formats and development, curriculum and teaching methods, including relevant materials as well as research work.

In addition, many collaborative agreements have been initiated with universities from around the world.






Affiliate Institutions for Student Exchange Programs




Deakin University

Mikkeli UAS

FHS Kufstein Tirol UAS

China, R.O.C.

Satakunta UAS

Management Center Innsbruck

Beijing Polytechnic U.


FH Steyr School of Management

Guangdong U. of Foreign Studies



Hubei Open University

South Korea

Malardalen University

Yunnan Normal University

Hankuk Aviation University

Linnaeus University


Hannam University


Dohto University

Sunkyukwan University

Hedmark University College

Hagoromo U. of Int'l Studies

Pai Chai University

Aalesund University College

Kansai Gaidai University


Buskerud University College

Nagaoka U. of Technology

University of Montana


Osaka Gakuin University

Middle Tennessee State University

Int’l School of Mgmt. Dortmund

Osaka International University

Hawaii Pacific University

Bad Honnef International UAS

Osaka Jogakuin College



Osaka University of Economics


University of Foggia