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Dining and Recreation on Campus

Contracted food services provide a wide selection of meals in our large canteen. The university implements rigid control over the food processing to guarantee it is kept at high hygiene standards. Fine dining can be experienced at our BU Restaurant and BU Café that are run by our students in the Hotel and Tourism Management program. City campus provides an indoor fitness center and a gymnasium for students and faculty who like to exercise and play sports, whereas Rangsit campus is equipped with a wide range of outdoor and indoor sport facilities.


BU Café and BU Restaurant

We like to make use of every situation. What do you think of our students catering to your needs for a coffee or a meal? Our students in the hotel and tourism studies program at City campus are delighted to develop their expertise in food preparation and service - at our BU Café and BU Restaurant. Besides classroom learning, these two model venues bring students into real work situations that train them in professional skills and etiquette.

Bangkok University Gallery - BUG

Art is an inherent part of life and we think it should be part of the educational process too. We aim to inspire our students and faculty with the expressions from our own art students and faculty as well as from local and international artists who would like to challenge our ways of thinking and living. BUG, at City campus, gives contemporary artists the opportunity to exhibit their work and organizes up to 6 exhibitions a year. Lectures, seminars, community art projects and art workshops are organized regularly to enhance people’s appreciation of art.


Southeast Asian Ceramics Museum at Rangsit Campus

Enter the exotic world of ancient Southeast Asian ceramics. Understand the way they were made hundreds of years ago in this region of Asia. Donated by university-founder Mr. Surat Osathanugrah, this extensive collection of precious ceramics attracts local and overseas art lovers as well as experts who come here to give lectures on art and history of pottery.


The museum, located at Rangsit Campus, is built in the design pattern of an ancient kiln, below the ground. The museum is also a center for research and training on all aspects of historical ceramics and  to promote the appreciation and preservation of this unique creative form of art.


BU Alumni and Alumni Association

Our alumni are proud to remain in touch with their alma mater through the Alumni Association that organizes social activities throughout the year. The Association forms the base of a growing alumni family that began its activities in 1974