Professional Education

BA in Marketing (B.B.A.)

Core Courses (51 Credits)

Core Courses (51 Credits)


IAC 102 FinancialAccounting (3)

This course is designed to study the procedures of financial accounting, the accounting systems that concern service and merchandising firms, cash control, voucher system specialized journals, and the inventory system.  Students also study the manufacturing accounting system which includes a preparation of the manufacturing costs and the cost allocation for the various sections of a firm.


IAC 203 Managerial Accounting (3)

The course is offered to understand the financial statements, the utilization and application of such statements, and the financial planning in decision-making and control. Students study cost accounting concepts and their application in the executive’s decision-making and control. Student will also study the usefulness of financial statements, financial statement analysis, statements of changes in financial positions, the effects of price level changes to financial statements, and the budgetary procedures and  business forecasting, based upon projected data.


IBC 101 Introduction to Information System (3)

A study of the definition of information system; applications of technology and computerized systems such as database management system, decision supporting system for business planning, decision making, and controlling.  The data communication networks and systems such as internet, e-commerce, intranet, extranet are also included.


ICS 202 Introduction to Business Computing (3)

A study of the use of computers in business, with emphasis on applications of micro-computers in publications, storage of data, letters, reports, documentation, data files, data feeding, data presentations, printouts, spreadsheet programs, report printings, and graftings, all based on software packages.


IEC 203 Introduction to Economics (3)

This subject aims to acquaint students with the fundamental principles of micro and macroeconomic theories.  Topics include surveys of consumer choice theories, production theory, competitive and non-competitive markets, income distribution theory and theories of monetary and fiscal policies, income distribution and international trade.


IEC 390 Business English (3)

This course is designed to prepare students for their professional use of the English language.  They will learn how to communicate effectively in business and social situations; to write business letters, reports, and proposals; and to read business documents and short articles.  The communication skills necessary for finding employment such as writing resumes and application letters and interviewing techniques are also studied.


IFI 212 Business Finance (3)

A study of the role of financial management; the fundamental financial analysis; asset management; short-term, intermediate, and long-term financing; capital investments, capital structures and the dividend policy.


ILA 102 Business Law (3)

A study of the establishment, authority, functions, management and dissolution of a partnership and corporation; the principles of law concerning sale and bills.


ILA 301 Taxation (3)

A study of the principles of taxation as provided in the Revenue Code; the principles of tax estimation and taxation on the part of incomes of natural persons and juristic persons, revenues, stamps, and other commercial taxes and revenues.


IMA 104 Quantitative Techniques for Decision Making (3)

A study of the fundamentals of mathematical methods and theories used for making business decisions.  Those include matrix, probability theory; decision theory; inventory models; cost and profit analysis; linear programming; game theory and financial mathematics.


IMG 112 Management (3)

A study of the principles of management; the functions of managers with regard to planning; organizing, staffing, motivating, communicating, coordinating and controlling.


IMG 212 Production and Operation Management (3)

A study of production functions; the selection of  plant location; lay-out and design; analysis of work systems; quality and inventory control; transportation problems; and queuing system and control.


IMG 428 Strategic Management (3)

A study of the formation of the strategic process and strategic business units; and the assessment of market opportunities and threats.  This course also covers the topics of planning, designing business policies, business expansion and strategic formations of each area such as in finance, marketing and production.


IMK 212 Principle of Marketing (3)

Study essential principles of marketing such as product, pricing, distribution and promotion. In addition, studying the marketing foundation for example, consumer behavior, factors and causes of consumption, general knowledge of marketing and marketing in different aspects as international marketing, industrial marketing, marketing and environment


IPM 213 Human Resource Management (3)

A study of the principles, policies, and practices used to develop human resources in organizations.  Topics include job analysis, organization development, recruitment selection, training, human resource planning, compensation management, performance appraisal, employee health safety as well as labor relations pertaining to disciplines of equal employment opportunity.


IPM 323 Organizational Behavior (3)

A study of psychological and sociological concepts which include: perception, communication, motivation, group influence; interpersonal and intergroup relations; organizational  relations, conflicts and changes.


IST 202 Business Statistics (3)

A study of non-parameter statistics such as Chi-square, the analysis of variance, index numbers, the time series analysis, the regression and co-relation analysis, the theories of decision making and quality control.



Major Requirements (21 credits)

Major Requirements (21 credits)


IMK 321 Consumer Behavior (3)

Study consumer behavior and factors influencing consumers both internal and external factors such as social, values, attitudes, beliefs, cultures, personality. Study thoughts influencing today consumer behavior such as mass media, family, modern fashion, and study marketing concepts developing benefits for encouring more consumption.


IMK 322 Product and Brand Management (3)

Study product and brand management from developing new products, product design, new product management, market testing, presenting product stimulating interest and consumptions of buyers. New production management concepts as environmentally friendly product management, study brand management for promotion objectives, developing and creativing values of product for memorability. Promoting and adding values, study customer understanding, developing components in brand management like logo, slogan, event management for promoting building brand like brand management, tool selection for publicity, brand advertising, brand audit. 


IMK 323 Sales Management (3)

Study sales management starting from buyers’need analysis, selecting the products to sell, sales management, using quota, sales segmentation, sales compensation as bonus, commission, international trips, characteristics of sales leader such as sales manager, developing sales team, and evaluating sales of salespersons. In addition, writing sales management plan and developing sales team, and selling techniques, negotiation techniques.


IMK 329 Marketing Channels (3)

Study marketing channels, distribution and services for nowadays like distribution from production place to consumers, distribution by using single or many middlemen, distribution by using electronic media, transportation and logistics about basic marketing, different characteristics of distribution channel like on-line.


IMK 335 Promotion Management (3)

Study promotion management and forms of promotion as sales promotion, publicity, discounting, and couponing. Study budgeting and allocation for marketing promotion and process for business, including evaluating promotion that used such as evaluation of sales promotion and rewarding that have been implemented.


IMK 421 Marketing Research (3)

Study marketing research, process for doing marketing research like assumption and hypothesis testing, questionnaire design, collection, presenting marketing research, types of marketing researches, like consumer marketing research, product satisfaction research, new product development research. Marketing research will study both qualitative and quantitative techniques, applying statistics and calculation for marketing research


IMK 423 Seminar in Marketing (3)

Study interesting issues of marketing by emphasizing on responsing, questioning, debating the interesting topics in marketing. The seminar encourages students’participation in giving opinions and listening to new marketing knowledge.


Major Electives (12 credits)

Major Electives (12 credits)

IMK 330 Retailing Management (3)

Study retailing in different forms as small shop, vending machines, online websites, convenience stores, department stores, modern trades. Study marketing techniques for retailing as buyers’ emotional stimulating, using marketing media for retailing commerce, retaling by customer participation and study retailing problems.


IMK 333 Export - Import Management (3)

Study export-import management and its process as starting from purchasing, issuing invoices, sourcing, study consumer demands, transportation management, and issuing document for export-import, custom duty and general laws about export-import problems, problems of obstructing free flows of export-import and study organization related to export-import management as export promotion department.


IMK 336 Electronic Marketing (3)

Study electronic commerce, influence of electronic commerce, characteristics and importance of electronic commerce and trading via electronic ways as e-commerce, using publicity media, stimulating sales via electronic way, selling on websites, and study problems from electronic commerce such as legal, tax issues and shipping cost.


IMK 337 Service Marketing (3)

Study services marketing by using 8p’s (physical evidence, people, process, productivity quality) added more from general marketing mixes (4p’s). Study problems and consideration for services marketing such as problems from service expectation from service quality, problem in controlling services and service communication. Study case study of services marketing from interesting industries like hotel industry, transportation industry, aviation industry and services marketing management. 


IMK 424 International Marketing (3)

Study internatinational marketing in different types as direct export, using middleman, expanding oversea division, franchising, licensing, greenfield operation, study international marketing and international selling techniques as developing communication and products for international selling.


IMK 490 Independent Study (3)

Study and do project or research based on student’s interest under the instructor’s supervision.